Our Journey

In 2015, we completed a journey between Orihuela court and London Royal Court of Justice on foot. 44 marathons in 44 days with the hope of raising awareness of parental child abduction and parental alienation and also, on a very personal level, to show my daughter that I would travel the world for


On that occasion, we raised funds for the Reunite
International Child Abduction Centre Charity

This time, with our cycle, as well as having another attempt at raising awareness of these issues, we hope to help to raise funds for another charity which is close to our heart and in memory of an inspirational young lady Alice Pyne (Alices Escapes (1146011))

I am aiming to raise £5000 to fund the upkeep of one of their caravans.

The charity offers complimentary holidays for families with seriously-ill-children, along with breaks for those who have lost their child. Please read more about this amazing charity on the link.


The link for donating to this charity is :


The second charity is Parental Alienation Awareness (1187738) who aim to raise awareness, educate, & campaign against this form of child abuse that needlessly disconnects children, parents, & their extended families.

This, many of you know, I can directly relate to...

We are hoping to raise £2000 to help with publishing and distribution costs in the production of parental alienation awareness brochures.


The link for donating to this charity is :


I understand the covid situation has caused financial hardship for many.. Charities like this are also finding these times extremely testing.

If you cant help financially, thats ok. But could I ask that you share my JustGiving page links so others can help to support one or both of these worthy charities?

Thanks all xx

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Shani Ormiston - Bunker CD Project

Hi guys.. Supporting a good friend of ours with this post..

Message from Shani on this link

You are NOT donating here, you are preordering what Shani considers her best work yet. You wont be disappointed.. Lets try to hit her target as soon as possible

€10 (Butterfly) - Digital download of Bunker. Your name on booklet of the album.

€20 (Bunker) - CD Bunker signed. Your name on booklet of the album.

€25 (Peony)- CD Bunker signed. Bunker cloth bag. Your name on booklet of the album.

€35 (Hummingbird) - CD Bunker signed. Cool Bunker T-shirt. Your name on booklet of the album.

€50 (Rainbow) - CD Bunker signed. Bunker cloth bag. 2 tickets to the presentation concert. Your name on booklet of the album.

€80 (All of Me) - 2 Bunker CD´s signed. 2 Once Upon a Time CD´s. Single You Gotta Let It Go. Lyrics of the songs for collection. 2 Bunker cloth bags. 2 cool Bunker T-shirts. Your name on booklet of the album

€250 (Wings) - Concert at your home or event (1 1/2 hours). 5 signed Bunker CD´s. Your name on booklet of the album.

€390 (Miracle) - Sponsor a single.
5 signed Bunker CD´s. 25 copies of the single. Your name or business appear a sponsor of one single and videoclip. Also, at the concert held on October 2nd at the Torrevieja Theater I will do some publicity if you’re a business and/or we can "meet and greet" at the backstage.

For us, we are so happy to give our support not only because of the amazing support and friendship she has given to us personally and in charity events etc (parental child abduction / parental alienation) for several years ; but also because she is an extremely talented young lady and we appreciate how difficult is can be to fund the production of new, original music especially in these difficult times.

Links to some of Shani's original songs to date...