Our Journey

In 2015, we completed a journey between Orihuela court and London Royal Court of Justice on foot. 44 marathons in 44 days with the hope of raising awareness of parental child abduction and parental alienation and also, on a very personal level, to show my daughter that I would travel the world for


On that occasion, we raised funds for the Reunite
International Child Abduction Centre Charity

This time, with our cycle, as well as having another attempt at raising awareness of these issues, we hope to help to raise funds for another charity which is close to our heart and in memory of an inspirational young lady Alice Pyne (Alices Escapes (1146011))

I am aiming to raise £5000 to fund the upkeep of one of their caravans.

The charity offers complimentary holidays for families with seriously-ill-children, along with breaks for those who have lost their child. Please read more about this amazing charity on the link.


The link for donating to this charity is :


The second charity is Parental Alienation Awareness (1187738) who aim to raise awareness, educate, & campaign against this form of child abuse that needlessly disconnects children, parents, & their extended families.

This, many of you know, I can directly relate to...

We are hoping to raise £2000 to help with publishing and distribution costs in the production of parental alienation awareness brochures.


The link for donating to this charity is :


I understand the covid situation has caused financial hardship for many.. Charities like this are also finding these times extremely testing.

If you cant help financially, thats ok. But could I ask that you share my JustGiving page links so others can help to support one or both of these worthy charities?

Thanks all xx

Monday, 27 April 2020

Parental Alienation - What does it mean to you?

On my social media, I recently posted.... 
You will have seen that this month I have been posting daily  with hashtags about "parental alienation".. 
Could I ask out of my 700+ contacts what your understanding is now about what parental alienation/parental child abduction is and whether you see these as an issue?

Also whether you know any families other than mine that are affected by these issues..

 I want to try to complete a paper/study so ALL comments would be appreciated.. pm me if you want privacy regarding your answers..

I will be extremely interested how many might take a minute or two to send me a response

Thanks again xx

 #parentalalienation #parentalchildabduction
I received this amazing response from my wonderful supportive partner Michelle ❤️
I didnt really know that much about parental alienation until I saw what was happening with you. 
Over the years we have been together I have seen the extent you go to daily to be part of Aleyahs life.

I have been to some of your termly visits to the school and its is obvious that the school teachers know exactly what is happening but are powerless to do anything about it.

I have seen the attacks on you for trying to stay involved in her life. Even death threats!

I see how proud you are of her and was with you when you went to see her in the School of Rock musical in London and how hard it was for you to be there as an anonymous face in the crowd.

Also I have seen first hand the tactics that are used to try to erase you from her life. Even trying to change her name and attempting to remove any photographs you have together from social media. 

The effort you have made to raise awareness of parental alienation and parental child abduction with event such as football tournaments, skydive, concerts, the One Day Closer shop, even making the journey on foot between Spain and UK completing a marathon a day for 44 days and the planned cycle which now will happen in 2021. 

Even with everything you are going through, you still take the time to support and listen to other parents who are facing a similar situation. 

Every day I see how much you love and think about Aleyah and would do anything you can to be reunited. I cant wait to see that happen as you have done all of this without reacting to any provocation. 
She should be so proud of you. All you have done is show your love for your daughter.

We have tried to celebrate her birthdays and Christmases in her absence and altbough I can see how much it hurts, you do so with a smile on your face.

Ive spoken to many people who knew Aleyah when she was here with you and they all say the same thing. How much of a dedicated, loving father you are and how dispicable it was the tactics that were used to take her again even after she was abducted and returned back to you through the courts.

Ive even spoken to people who once were friends of the maternal family who are disgusted with the way you have been treated and stepped away from their friendship with them for that reason.

You never give up Steve and I know you never will. Aleyah will be so proud of you once she realises everything you have tried to do. 
I am sure she knows already but while she is still a child, she will still be under pressure and influence of the alienator. Your time will come Steve. I cant wait to meet her 
Thank you Michelle.. Your words mean so much xxx

Tandem Across Borders Postponed Until 2021

Hi all 

 I have had to make the sad decision to postpone our tandem cycle until August 2021. My reasons are obviously with the covid-19 situation as we dont know if there will be a second wave of the virus coming into this August and thought it was better to plan ahead for this possibility.. Who knows what the border controls will be like then? 

Also the fact that many people might not be in a good financial position to donate to our chosen charity(s) so it makes sense to make the trip more successful..

So.. I plan now to start on Aug 21st 2021.. This will also coincide with Aleyahs 16th birthday on 25th August 2021 which might also have its advantages.

I will keep this page, the blog and the Justgiving page(s) open because I am determined to make sure that we complete this journey. I have changed the dates on the schedule of events..


Best regards

Steve xxx

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Erasing Family Documentary

Seriously... friends and families of parents and children affected by parental alienation REALLY should take the time to watch this documentary.. Also young adults who were subjected to alienation tactics as a child and even employers who have employees trying to cope with these issues.

Erasing Family Documentary

It might also be and excellent tool for school teachers, child care professionals etc as quite often, the signs of this type of abuse is so clear if you take the effort to look...

You HAVE to have a greater understanding of what parental alienation is to be able to provide support for people that you care about... This explains so much! ... There is a small fee to watch the full video but it really is worth it..

Thank you to everybody who has helped to raise awareness today (and other days).. I realise that there are a lot of other concerns going on in the world at the moment...

I think I can speak for other parents/families here as well as myself when I say how much it means when people SHOW that they care rather than just say it..

One day closer xxxxxx

Watch the video on this link


“Abuse of the family court systems”

“Understanding Stages of Grief applied to Parents Affected by Parental Child Abduction / Alienation…” 

“It’s Time To Put an End To This” 

“Patterns of Behaviour in the Family Court” 

“So Many Questions — So Few Answers” 

0034 622 925 754

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